PPSB Vision And Mission

Pondok Perlindungan Satwa Bali

( Bali Animal Happen )


PPSB is a non-profit  animal  protection  organization  in  Bali.  PPSB  is  not  a  large organization however it has  managed to rescue over 50 dogs and 30 cats. With the help of funds from donors and volunteer aid workers it is hoped that PPSB is able to help all animals in Bali without exception.


PPSB’s mission is to promote the care and protection for all animals in Bali and as a result stop the cruelty of animals. The vision of PPSB is to be a leader  in Indonesia in promoting the care of animals.

One of the aims of PPSB is to create harmonious relationships between all God’s creatures. To achieve the vision, PPSB needs to provide an animal shelter facility. In addition to sheltering animals, this facility is expected to:

  1. Assist the Government reduce the number of stray dogs and cats.
  2. Minimize the need of animal culling or elimination.
  3. Assist the government to suppress populations of strays through sterilization programs held at the facility.