PPSB Programs

Pondok Perlindungan Satwa Bali

Bali Animal Haven




The programs of the foundation are:

  1. Rescue cats and dogs that are neglected, abandoned or injured.
  2. Provide treatment and rehabilitation for sick cats and dogs.
  3. Provide vaccinations for healthy dogs and cats.
  4. Perform sterilization for dogs and cats to suppress the population of strays.
  5. Find suitable families/homes to adopt healthy dogs and cats. This is achieved by questioning prospective adopters to ensure they will be responsible for the animal.
  6. Perform regular visits to adopter’s houses every two weeks to monitor the adopted animals.
  7. Provide  weekly  feeding  in  places  around  Bali  where  there  are  many malnourished dogs/cats.
  8. Hold foster parent programs for those who want to have a pet but do not have enough space and time for their pets.
  9. Provide pet education for those who have pets so they know more how to care and treat their pets