PPSB Owner Story



Hi Animal Lovers

My name is Bella Bonita. I have always loved animals. I first rescued a cat in Bali seven years ago. It happened one day when I was out walking.  I saw a woman beating a cat who was trying to take food. I took the cat to my home. It was very thin, hungry and sick.  I took the cat to a vet clinic where it was treated. The cat came home with me and I nursed it to health. Since then I have rescued many cats and dogs bringing them home nursing them to health then finding new homes for them.

There are so many dogs and cats on the streets of Bali that I cannot keep nor could I afford to treat and feed them all either. The key to Bali’s problem of stray animals is educating the community.  It is my dream to open an animal shelter where i can provide emergency care for a lot more animals.

To achieve my dream I need help. I desperately need funds to rent land, build a shelter and provide a haven and adoption center.