Pondok Perlindungan Satwa Bali

Bali Animal Haven


  1. 1. Pets Sponsorship Program

I wish to take this opportunity to thank you for your support and the wonderful care and attention you give to animals, particularly those in Bali.

PPSB is currently seeking animal sponsors as part of our Foster Parent,  Animal Sponsorship Program from  for a period of up to 6 months. We have a number of dogs who urgently need care.

  • Each dog requires support of  $35/ month.

There are two types of sponsorship:

  1. Provide  $35 / month / animal you wish to support. This support is necessary for a period of 6 months. Or
  2. Become a joint sponsor. We require a minimum commitment of $5 or multiples there of and a commitment for 6 months.


2. Fundraising for the construction of  Pondok Perlindungan Satwa Bali Foundation.


The major problem currently faced by PPSB is limited shelters for rescued animals.  Presently these animals are accommodated in the homes of PPSB members. PPSB is investigating the best solution for a shelter for our rescued dogs and cats.

Budget for a shelter.

 Below are the anticipated costs needed to build a shelter:

  •  Funds for 5Ares in Mengwi area based on a 15 year lease contract for this region:

Price to rent the land area of 1Are is Rp2,000,000, so to lease 5Ares of land for 15 years, requires a fund of

Rp2,000,000 x 5 x 15 = Rp150,000,000 (Approx US$15,000)

Note: 1Are = 100m2

  •  Funds for the construction in the land area of 1.5Ares (150 m2) with the following details:

Development of the land area of 1m2  = Rp3,000,000, so the funds required

are: 150 m2  x Rp3,000,000 = Rp450,000,000 (Approx US$45,000)

 The total funds needed for the lease of land and construction are

Rp450,000,000 + Rp150,000,000 = Rp600,000,000 (Approx US$60,000)

To achieve our goals we desperately need funds to finance accommodation, rescue services and veterinary treatment. Any donations would be greatly appreciated and put to good use servicing a great need in the Balinese community.


Thank you again for your ongoing support and becoming a member of the PPSB family.

Funds can be provided through PPSB under this account:

Pondok Perlindungan Satwa Bali (Bali Animal Haven)

Contact                                                 : +6281 807 000 802
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Bank Name/ Nama Bank                  : BCA
Branch Name / Nama Cabang         : KCP SESETAN
Account Name / Nama Rekening    : Bella Bonita
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